Come meet the world's greatest expert on your dreams You!


— in Taichung —

Led by William R. Stimson, Ph.D.

You can expect laughter, tears, and excitement when you confront the surprising genius of a simple dream. This may be the only place in Taiwan where you can sit with a group of people and openly explore things that matter most deeply to you, and to them. It's not just talk and it's not psychology or new age. This is real experiential dream group work in the Montague Ullman tradition. In this way of working with dreams, (1) the individual dream runs the show and not any outside ideology or dogma about dreams, and (2) the dreamer is in control, not any outside expert.

In the tradition of the Dream Network and the Dream Community of New York, which I founded over 25 years ago, this all-day dream group in Taichung is free. The only expense is the cost of reserving the beautiful private tea room in the classical Taiwanese Tea House, which includes top-of-the-line tea and dishes of "small food." We split this expense between us. It's the only dream group in the world where the leader pays like everyone else.

I have changed the format of this group now so that it is a dream group and also a dream group leadership training / praticum. Trained dream group leaders from all over Taiwan can come and test out their dream group leadership skills here. Individuals who have never been trained in dream group leadership can receive world-class training here — free of charge.

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The Taichung Dream Group meets in this secret back room of Taichung's classical tea house The Kaohsiung Dream Group meets in this private room of Kaohsiung's classical tea house
The Taipei Dream Group meets at Taiwan's Institute of Cultural Affairs in Tienmou

"Bill Stimson, whom I have known for over two decades, has always been a gifted dream worker. He has the capacity to dig deeply and honestly and to come up with insights that are uncontaminated by waking biases."

-- Montague Ullman, M.D.
Dream Appreciation 3(2). Spring 1998

"Your dream group is magic!"

-- Arianna Caroli
(Italian artist)

" It was deep and touching, and fun too- as life itself is when you go for it, and as people are when they don't pretend. In two evenings I've seen and heard more truth about human beings than in a month anywhere else. I'll surely write about this when I get back to Italy."

-- Gabriele Romagnoli
(Italian novelist and journalist)
"You've created an incredibly safe environment for people to open up. I can't imagine there's an environment like this anywhere else in the world.  I think of the dreamer's dreams days after the group meets."
-- Roger Wall
(American writer)