The Worldwide Montague Ullman Dream Group Network

This webpage draws together Ullman dream groups around the world. While he was alive, Monte and his Ardsley leadership trainings functioned as our network. Now we need this connection between us to better continue what he started. He's not here to train and inspire us. It's up to us to devise various ways to be inspired by and receive training from one other. We are what he has left behind. All who are continuing Monte's work throughout the world today can use and contribute to this webpage. Until I went to Scandinavia recently I didn't know of the Dream Group Forum of Finland or the Swedish Dream Group Forum -- two very different models, each valid, each essential. Many more models will undoubtedly evolve as we go forward. We're not competing as to who holds Monte's legacy. The legacy is alive and out of anyone's control. It flows through all those listed below.. Montague Ullman


Montague Ullman, M.D.
Summer 2007, Dream Group in Ardsley
Photo by William R. Stimson

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2nd Annual Ullman Dream Group Leadership Community of Practice

Friday-Sunday, August 28-30, 2015 in Monte’s hometown (New York City)

Participants limited to 12

Once again, Ullman dream group leaders are converging from around the world for the annual event. For three days we carry forward the tradition Monte started with his Dream Group Leadership Training Weekends in Ardsley. We don’t have Monte anymore to improve us, but we have each other. We hone our mastery of his process by learning from one another as we take turns leading and participating in the dream groups just as we did with him in Ardsley. This year Stanley Krippner presides.

There is no charge for this program. Apply early to get in:



What is a Montague Ullman Dream Group? …

Gloria Sturzenacker, The Stages of the Ullman Method of Group Dreamwork

Montague Ullman, of course, made it perfectly clear what his process is in his latest book "Appreciating Dreams." When he wrote his earlier book with Nan Zimmerman, "Working With Dreams," he hadn't yet completely developed the playback stage which, in his words, is "The most important phase of the process, the dreamer's orchestration." Monte had little patience for those who merely took the first, and perhaps least important stage of his whole process, the "if this were my dream" game, and then claimed they were using the "Montague Ullman Method."

William R. Stimson, A handout given to new dream group members in Taiwan explaining in detail the skills involved in the Ullman method and the distinct stages of the process. The Process and Diagram of the Process.

Judy Gardiner requested this message be posted: "The method used in Montague Ullman's Experiential Dream Group Process was founded on the premises and principles taught in his leadership training workshops and is intended to be used as developed, outlined, written and taught by Dr. Montague Ullman. This 4-stage process is clearly outlined in his book, Appreciating Dreams, copyright © 1996. Dr. Ullman's group approach to dreaming spanned decades of refining and teaching his clinical skills to therapists and laity. Because of clinically sensitive points so carefully detailed in his step by step process, Dr. Ullman was openly opposed to claims of modified versions of his work. If Dr. Ulllman's work has inspired you to form a group using a derivative version, please make it clear that you are not using his process. Any person(s) or group(s) using their own method should not use wording which implies they are using the original Ullman process."Judy Gardiner. She can be reached at Jbgardiner[at]



Markku Siivola's Montague Ullman Website:, Markku Siivola's website, in effect, really is the Worldwide Montague Ullman Dream Group Network. Markku lists all upcoming event related to Montague Ullman's work. Also, Monte's published papers can be found here. In addition, there is a page of links.

"The Experiential Dream Group: Its Application in the Training of Therapists" by Montague Ullman, M.D. Dreaming, Vol. 4, No. 4, 1994.



Markku Siivola:, (In Finnish), (Some of his writings in English), and (Family site, mostly the work of his son). Markku's take on the Montague Ullman experiential dream group method, and on dreams and dream work, is rich and deep. It's all in his best-selling book, Unien opissa - unet itseymmärryksen palveluksessa (See video below). Markku constructed and maintains the Montague Ullman website,

Understanding Dreams: The Gateway to Dreams Without Dream Interpretation is the English translation that has just come out of Markku Siivola's best-selling Finnish book on dreams and the Montague Ullman dream group process.

Understanding Dreams Without Interpretation is Markku Siivola's new blog dealing with practical dream group topics and dreams in general.

"The Tale of Two Telephone Poles" by Markku Siivola, M.D. Dream Appreciation Newsletter 2003.

Unien opissa - unet itseymmärryksen palveluksessa. Markku Siivola's Finnish book about dreams. See Markku talk about the book in Finnish here: Kirjapajan kirjailijailta 2.12.2008 osa I and Kirjapajan kirjailijailta 2.12.2008 osa II


The Dream Group Forum of Finland:, I wish groups like this could form in all the countries of the world. This is a real live network of dream group leaders that convenes once a year at the beautiful rural Friendship Inn to hold dream groups, field discussions about issues in dream group leadership, etc. Finland being the home of the sauna, of course the deeply spiritual Finish sauna convenes every evening. If you're interested in the Montague Ullman Dream Group method of working with dreams, don't miss this annual meeting of the true spirits drawn to this process. If you lead dream groups, this is the place to hone your skills and be exposed to those of other dream group leaders.

The Dream Group Forum of Finland at the Friendship Inn, 2009

Powerpoint Presentation About The Dream Group Forum of Finland

Risto Santavuori: One of the guiding spirits of the Dream Group Forum of Finland. He has a group, has published books, and has CDs. He can be reached at r.santavuori[at]
Tiina Törö: (in Finnish. She hopes to find someone to help her translate at least part of her website into English). A graphic designer by profession, she views the dream as a fountain of creativity. After the Ullman dream groups she leads in her hometown of Turku, she is happy if the dreamer wants to write a poem or paint a picture. She can be reached at tiinan[at]

Margareta Renlund: One of the few dream group supervisors in Finland (In the Swedish Dream Group Forum education program this is one step upwards from dream group leader, meaning that she has the "official" right to supervise and educate new dream group leaders - the Finnish Forum does not have this kind of structure). Her mother tongue is Swedish and the city where she lives in Finland has many Swedish speaking people. She leads Ullman dream groups and can be reached at margareta.renlund[at]

Silja Heikkilä: A member of the Finnish Dreamwork Forum. MA in Cultural heritage, BA in Drama. She graduated from Turku University, and is now writing her dissertation on dream sharing. She can be reached at silja.heikkila[at] phone: +358 40 520 6627

Anna Sandstrom: "Eeva Lehtovuori has just put together our new dream group. I´m pleased to take part in it. We are going to have the first meeting quite soon." – Anna Sandstrom. She can be reached at annak_sandstrom[at]



Drömgruppsforum:, (in Swedish). This is the Swedish Dream Group Forum, a mystery to the outside world because the website is in Swedish. Yet Sweden is the epicenter of the Montague Ullman dream group work and leadership training. It will all come to the world's attention as soon as the website gets translated into English. On March 6-8, 2009 the Swedish Dream Group Forum is hosting, in English, the 3rd International Conference of the Nordic and European Network for the Study of Dreams, "DREAMS IN A CHANGING SOCIETY."

Kerstin Andersson: Leads an Ullman dream group in Southern Sweden and has been involved from the begining in setting up the Swedish dream group leadership training program. She can be reached at kerstin.andersson1[at]

Gunnar Sundström: Leads a dream group of dream group leaders at Göteborgs Psykoterapi Institut. Gunnar can be reached at gunnar.sundstrom[at]

Gunnar's Tree

Lena Hulthen and Gunnar Sundström

Karin Flodhammar and Birgitta: Co-lead an Ullman dream group. The group meets about once a month and is composed of eight women. Karin Flodhammar can be reached at Birgitta can be reached at Ingrid Blidberg, who made a film about Monte, is a member of this group.

"Catch The Dream," a movie by Ingrid Blidberg about Montague Ullman's work with dreams. Ingrid can be reached at

"In producing this movie Ingrid Bilberg has performed a great service. Monte's not with us anymore but in this film his humor, his intelligence, and his true dedication to dreams, comes through so beautifully that all of us who knew him and worked under him are reminded what a great gift we have been given, and what huge footsteps we have to follow along behind in. Here in this film the man who devised the process we all use describes it in his own words. I wish that everyone who thinks that the Ullman process is just "If this were my dream…" would buy this film, watch it, and show it to everyone they know." -- William R. Stimson.

Marianne Ekenbjörn: Leads a dream group in Lund, Skåne (Skane). Uardavägen 36 E, 224 71 Lund, Sweden. She can be reached at marianne.ekenbjorn[at]

Kerstin Ljungh: Has a dream group in Stockholm that's been ongoing for many years now. She can be reached at kldreams[at]

Eva Myhrberg: Has two groups in Halmstad that have been ongoing since 2002. Address: Eva Myhrberg, Lingonstigen 21, 30270 Halmstad. Kerstin Andersson was her mentor. She can be reached at eva.myhrberg[at]

My Impressions of Monte and What Meeting Him Has Meant to Me, by Eva Myhrberg

Kerstin Wanngård: Has a Montague Ullman dream group in Farsta, Stockholm, Sweden. There are 8 "members" in the group this fall but the number varies from time to time. She can be reached at kerstin[at]

Else Bengtsson: Lives in Umeå in the very north of Sweden, on the coast at the north tip of the East Sea, the water between Sweden and Finland. She has had a dreamgroup since 1980 when she first met Monte in Boden, a city even farther north and inland. Sometimes she has had two ongoing groups, but at the moment she only has one. She can be reached at else.bengtsson[at]

Sven Hedenrud: "I have an ongoing group in Lund. Several times a year, I also invite dream groups for four sessions in a sequence. People can return to as often as they want to. Every year, since 1981, I lead a "Dream Week" at Ljungskile Folk High school, the week after Midsummer." – Sven Hedenrud. Address: Uardavagen 20 D 224 71 Lund. E-mail:

"Monte – The Incomparable" by Sven Hedenrud

Antje Frankel Molt: "I have a dreamgroup that has been working together for a number of years - we meet ten- eleven times per year." – Antje Frankel Molt, Raabyvaegen 34, 224 57 Lund, Sweden. E-mail:



Jette Fabiola Cabo: Conducts Montague Ullman dream groups in Denmark and has been trained by Monte in Ardsley. She also uses parts of the Ullman process to work with children in the schools. She can be reached at jette.fabiola[at]

Olaf Gerlach Hansen: From Denmark, he reports that "Ullman has had a general impact here on dreamgroup formations in the 80ties and 90ties, e.g. he was an inspiration for training at the University of Copenhagen, Dept. of Clinical Psychology, conducted by Bent Strandbygaard, which influenced many persons, including myself. Bent Strandbygaard is, however, no longer at the university and is now retired." Olaf Gerlach Hansen can be reached at olaf[at]


The Netherlands …

Hermine Mensink: Did workshops with Wendy Pannier and others on the Montague Ullman method and is interested to recommend Monte's work in the Netherlands. "What could I do to support Monte's work in the Netherlands or international?" Hermine Mensink can be reached at herminemensink[at]


U.K. …


We're currently looking for individuals who do this work in the U.K. If you know of any please contact bstimson[at]


Switzerland… (note: many in Switzerland, like in the U.S., merely use the first stage of the Ullman method, "if this were my dream.")

Art Funkhouser: "In Berne, Switzerland I lead a dream group (and also a dream seminar at the C. G. Jung Institute) in which I use the "if this were my dream" approach. I have not had a Montague Ullman training and the dreamwork method I use is simpler than the one I have seen described in Monte's book, so I do not know if my group would qualify as being a Montague Ullman one." Art Funkhouser can be reached at art[at] His family webpage is

Anita Leuthold: She Leads a Montague Ullman dream group in St Gallen, Switzerland. Anita Leuthold can be reached at anita.leuthold[at]



Marco Zanasi, M.D.: "I don't know of any Montague Ullman dream group in Italy." Email: marco.zanasi[at]

Arianna Caroli:, the Italian artist, has made considerable digital footage of Monte up at Ardsley which should be included in any future films about Monte and his process. Her beautiful book "On The Way," features her art and spiritual journey. She can be reached through her website or at ariannacaroli[at]



William R. Stimson: Leads free monthly all-day Ullman dream groups in the capital Taipei and also in the mid-island city Taichung. Together with Shuyuan Wang and Yeh-Jen Lin, he originated the Ullman dream group course at Taiwan's National Yang-Ming Medical University. Subsequently he refined the course and, with Shuyuan Wang, taught it to graduate students in the Department of Social Policy and Social Work at Taiwan's National Chi Nan University. In this course every class is an Ullman dream group. Everything the students learn about dreams they learn from working with their own dreams. Bill can be reached at bstimson[at] and would be eager to introduce this course at other universities and train resident faculty how to most effectively teach it.

"The Fairy Slipper Orchid -- A Homage to Montague Ullman" by William R. Stimson, Dream Network Journal Vol. 25, No.2, p. 10-11. 2006.

"Montague Ullman – A Retrospective" by William R. Stimson, Dream Network Journal, Autumn 2008.

"Montague Ullman – Our Teacher" by William R. Stimson, DreamTime Vol. 25, No. 2, p. 13, Fall 2008.

Shuyuan Wang: Conducts dream group leadership training in Chinese at the Satir Foundation in Taipei. She also leads dream groups all around the island at different social work institutions. At Taiwan's National Chi Nan University she teaches the Montague Ullman dream group method as an undergraduate course in the Department of Social Policy and Social Work. Shuyuan can be reached at sywang[at]

Hsien-Hsien Chiang and Yeh-Jen Lin: At the National Yang-Ming University School of Nursing these two professors teach a course in Chinese entitled "Working With Dreams" based on Montague Ullman's Experiential Dream Group Method. Hsien-Hsien can be reached at hhchiang[at] Yeh-Jen can be reached at Yeh-Lin Lin also teaches the Dream Appreciation course at Mackay Medical College in New Taipei City.

Lai Ming-liang: Leads two Montague Ullman dream groups. One is with the family members of terminal patients at a hospice ward. The other is with students. Both groups are free and neither is open to the public. Ming-liang can be reached at amatalai[at]

Pan-Yuan: An undergraduate in the Department of Social Policy and Social Studies at Taiwan's National Chi Nan University, she has started up a Montague Ullman dream group composed of students at that university. Pan-Yuan can be reached at s3103033[at]

Miyo: A graduate student in the Department of Social Policy and Social Studies at Taiwan's National Chi Nan University, she has started up a Montague Ullman dream group composed of students at that university. Miyo can be reached at S96103516[at]

Richard West, of the Institute of Cultural Affairs, Taiwa:. I facilitate dreamwork virtually by email and Skype using the Montague Ullman Dream Appreciation Process on a one-to-one basis with English-speaking individuals anywhere in the cyber-world. I play the role of all "the others".  My Skype address: rwestica.  E-mail:  Phone: 8862-2871-3150.  I host an English-speaking dream group monthly in Taipei, Taiwan with Bill Stimson as the dream work leader.

"Doing the Ullman Method on Skype or via E-mail" by Richard West

Ana Liu: On Tuesday evenings, Ana Liu, a Catholic nun, runs an Ullman dream group for volunteers at the Jen & Lin Educational Foundation in Taipei. She is starting up a second group there that meets on Saturday mornings 9:30 - 11:30 a.m. Anyone interested in joining can contact Ana at 02-2365-5609.



The Phoenix Institute of Victoria (Australia): The Phoenix Institute as part of its professional development program has been offering the Ullman dream groups for the last three years. These are open to its students but also to the general public. The institute offers groups of 8-10 for 8 to 10 sessions each semester. The institute's Ullman technique dream group is Australian Counselling Association approved for ongoing professional development. Contact: Phoenix Institute of Victoria (Australia) at info[at]

Torun Tornesel: "Welcoming participants to Dreamgroups in Adelaide. You can join a Dreamgroup or I am happy to lead a group you form. Times and dates to be discussed."
Torun Tornesel can be contacted at torunlife[at]

Dream Work For Dream Group Leaders Over the Internet -- "Since I moved to Australia I have this idea of doing dream work, for dream group leaders, over the internet! We could do it very easy and ask who are interested and then just email our dreams to the group which forms. Or lets find out another solution. Look forward to hear from interested internet dreamer." -- Torun Tornesel at torunlife[at]



Rosa Anwandter, Directora, Centro de Estudios Oníricos de Chile: "I had the privilege and honor to attend one of Montague Ullman's workshops in Washington DC, in 2000. I teach his dream Appreciation Method and I have a Montague Ullman Approach group. The only Ullman group in South America is this one in Chile. We met every Wednesday at 19:30 in Santiago de Chile. Attendance is only by prior appointment. The group doesn't hold sessions during December, January and February. (Currently, the Chilean Ullman Group has seven members; 6 women and a young fellow, an M.D. We meet at home once a month, they attend mainly to grow as individuals.) Once in a while I also teach Ulmann's method in a one day workshop for larger audiences."
Telephone number ( 56 2 ) 2204 1093. E-mail: ranwandter[at]

"Memories About Montague Ullman" by Rosa Anwandter

"A video (in Spanish) about the Ullman group at work recorded in my home by the official Chilean TV channel (TVN) in 2007" - Rosa Anwandter


United States of America … (note: many in the U.S.A. and Canada merely use the first stage of the Ullman method, "if this were my dream," and call their group an Ullman dream group.)

Workshops at Wellness Centers

Wendy Pannier and Tallulah Lyons: Use the Montague Ullman method in their work at Wellness Centers with cancer patients. Wendy Pannier can be reached at wendy[at]

"About Dr. Montague Ullman Sept 9, 1916 – June 7, 2008" by Wendy Pannier


Berkeley, California

Stanley Krippner: has an Ullman dream group in Berkeley the first Wednesday of the month. The group is currently full. Stanley Krippner can be reached at skrippner[at]

"The Ullman Dream Group at Saybrook Graduate School" by Stanley Krippner


Alameda & San Francisco, California

Varida Kautner and Linda Raab Zaidenweber: Both trained as dream group leaders by Montague Ullman, run dream groups in Alameda and San Francisco. Contact information:

Varida Kautner: e-mail:, phone: (415) 361-8038

Linda RaabZaidenweber: e-mail:, phone: (510) 406-0541.


Los Angeles area, California

Lauren Schneider: "I facilitate dream groups for training therapists as well as laypersons and currently have three different dream groups that meet once a month in my private practice in Woodland Hills, California. I work with dreams with many modalities, including voice dialogue, embodiment and DreamTending. Yet, I always begin by teaching Montague Ullman's technique ("If this were my dream...") to group members because it is the most gentle and respectful way of listening and attending to dreams; and those new to dream work are able to participate with this method. Dr. Ullman's work sets the best guidelines for the emotional integrity of all participants and honoring of the dreams." Office phone (818) 884-2834. E-mail: ldreamz[at]

Pleasant Hill, California

Marilyn Fowler, MA: "In terms of Ullman Dream Groups, we teach that method (along with others) here in the Dream Studies Program at John F. Kennedy University as part of our "Dream Groups: Facilitation and Ethics" course. I don't know of any Exclusively Ullman dream groups operating in the Bay Area. Jeremy Taylor's method is more frequently used in the Bay Area, possibly because he teaches here and is local to the area." Marilyn Fowler can be reached at mfowler{at}

Santa Cruz, California

Marsha Hudson: "I have a dreamwork practice here in Santa Cruz Calif and all of my groups follow the priniciples of Montague Ullman groups. Jeremy Taylor is well known as a dreamworker and promoter of the Ullman approach (if this were my dream. . .) so much so that people refer to the "Taylor approach"--which is Ullman's originally. I studied with Jeremy Taylor and received my dreamwork certificate from him so I am a certified dreamworker in the Ullman/Taylor tradition. Jeremy's training institute is called the Marin Institute of Projective Dreamwork. In my experience the Ullman approach is the most common approach used in the U.S.--most certainly here in the Western U.S." Marsha Hudson can be reached at Mnhudson[at]

Sun City Center, Florida

Carol Oschmann: "I did not study under Montague but evidently the people who teach at Hadden Institute did as the methods are similar. (Bob Hadden, Bob Hoss, Jeremy Taylor). I took a course in dream group leadership there. I have a group here in Sun City Center, Florida. We have no name other than Sun City Center Dream Group. We've been meeting for five years now. Occasionally I do a six week course and lectures here and there. For two and a half years I led a dream group in the Hillsborough County Correctional facility for women in Balm, Florida. I'd be glad to be listed on your web site. We need to make this a more popular thing to do." – Carol Oschmann, 1606 Chevy Chase Dr., Sun City Center, Fl 33573. Phone: 813-633-5201. E-mail: cjoschmann1[at]

Chicago, Illinois

Jacquie Lewis: "I teach the Ullman Method in a PsyD course I teach on Humanistic/Existential/Transpersonal Psychology. I teach it at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology. I know of nothing else in the area." Jacquie Lewis can be reached at lotusdream[at]

Eastern Massachusetts

Curtiss Hoffman: Involved in 2 dream groups in eastern Massachusetts which employ a methodology based upon Monte Ullman's technique, but which "do not follow it quite as rigorously as he would have done" – they mix in a good deal of Jungian analysis as well. Curtiss Hoffman can be reached at teximus[at]


A New England State

Rachel Aubrey: "I lead a dream-sharing group based on Monte's teachings. I now live in a retirement community in a New England state, after retiring from Columbia, where I worked for many years as Senior Staff Therapist in the Counseling and Psychological Services. My dream group in this retirement community is now in its sixth year. All of us are retired people living in an excellent Continuing Care Retirement Community. Monte urged me to start the group when I moved here, and then served as a regular telephone consultant (he never tried e-mail). Monte and I had a long history; we first met in the seventies when he was deeply involved in his work in Sweden, where I have lived and still read the language. In the nineties I was member of his NYC dream sharing group for five wonderful years; we stayed in touch after he retired from that group.We also share the same birthday, though not birthyear, and alway talked on September 9. I use the entire process taught by Monte but sometimes have to leave out the reading-back of the dream; staying the full hour and a half can be hard for some older people." Rachel Aubrey can be reached at ra18[at]

"Dreamsharing in a Retirement Community" by Rachel Aubrey. DreamTime, Volume 23, Number 2, page 12, Fall 2006.


Albuquerque, New Mexico

Janet Wahl, PhD, CHt, ThetaHealing® Master — is a retired educator and administrator, hypnosis consultant, and ThetaHealer® who worked and trained with Montague Ullman for about 15 years. She conducts Ullman Method dream groups in Albuquerque. Janet strictly follows the Ullman method, so each session allocates 2 hours to process one dream. Times are arranged according to the group members availability. Janet has also added a process specific for ThetaHealers® to uncover subconscious beliefs through dream work, an opportunity to enhance your digging work. Call (505) 508-5805 for times and location. More information can be found at

"Janet Wahl has a rare skill in leading Ullman dream groups, not just because of her sensitivity to the needs of the dreamer and the group members but because she so obviously delights in the method. Her joy shows in her face as she does the work and her eyes sparkle with an infectious enthusiasm that brings the group alive." – William R. Stimson, Ph.D., former editor of the Dream Network Bulletin


Taos, New Mexico

Roger Martinez: Leads 10 week dream groups in Taos, New Mexico that largely follow Montague Ullman's methods, as gleaned from Ullman-type workshops he has taken at IASD and from his reading of Ullman and Zimmerman's "Working With Dreams." He has not attended Monte's Leadership Training Sessions at Ardsley. He also leads dream workshops with Athena Lou at IASD conferences which contain some elements of the Ullman method. He is the regional contact person for the IASD. He can be reached at Dragon1492[at]


Ardsley, New York

Montague Ullman's Ardsley Dream Group: "The Ardsley Dream Group continues to meet on the second Saturday of the month from 10am - Noon. For many years we met under Monte's own leadership. In November 2007 he retired as the leader, though continued to meet a few times with us, giving us pointers on how we led the group on our own. We continue to meet in Ardsley at Katherine Groth's house, fairly close to the meetings we had at Monte's house. We stick strictly to the dreamwork stages developed by Monte and also try to infuse the process with Monte's own phrases as we remember he used them. We feel his presence in our meetings and continue to work on Monte's ideas of dream appreciation as part of our lives." -- Judy Kaplan (Judy Kolkin Kaplan,, is a novelist who writes under her maiden name, Judith Kolkin. She can be reached at judykaplan[at] Others in the group are Philip Lynch (philip.lynch[at] and Susan T (SusieT311[at]

Monte's Ardsley Dream Group Nov 2007

Photos of Montague Ullman's Ardsley, New York home where he held his Saturday Dream Group and his weekend Dream Group Leadership Trainings


Katonah, New York

Deborah Reider Bazes, PhD, LCSW, LP-- a Jungian Analyst who, in addition to her Jungian training, worked and trained with Montague Ullman-- is in the process of forming two Ullman Method dream groups. One will be a dream group for women and the other a dream group for therapists (of any gender). The groups will run weekly for 1&3/4 hours and will be held on a weekday (time to be arranged according to participants' availability) at her office in Katonah, NY. They will start out as twelve-week groups, but may be continued if the participants so wish. The fee is $65 per session. If interested, please call (914) 232-5067.


Charleston, South Carolina

Sharon Smith-Mathewes: "I am currently finishing up a 2 year certification program with the Institute for Dream Studies with Justina Lasley. I have learned many different styles of dream reflection over this period but none come close to the results I, and the group members, have seen when using The Ullman Method. At this point, I have only had one group so far but plan to create more, mostly using this method. With time, I will become more familiar with his method and gain confidence in this approach as I believe it is so powerful. I have been doing counseling for about 28 years and am learning to bring dreamwork more into my sessions. I plan to start up just an Ullman approach ongoing group after the first of the year. I would actually like to have a group that I do during the day with some clients that I see as well as try to start (or become a member of) a group that would meet once or twice a month after hours. Is there anyone out there leading an ongoing Ullman group here in Charleston, SC?" – Sharon Smith-Mathewes. e-mail: sharonsm[at]

Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

Justina Lasley:, Director, Institute for Dream Studies, 233 South Plaza Court, Mount Pleasant, SC 29464. "I do teach and use the Ullman technique within my work. Several of my students focus on Ullman type groups. Hopefully they will contact you. I am very surprised you don't have other groups in the US. There are certainly many." E-mail: Justina[at]


Newport, Rhode Island

Jeanne Tatro: "I currently facilitate a group in Newport, RI, using Monte's full method. I was a member of the group in Riverdale, NY for five years, attended a weekend workshop at Monte's in Ardsley with Mary Coelho. Our group also went to Monte's several times for a "master class." I met Gloria at the workshop weekend & invited her to our group; she stayed with us until it disbanded 3 years ago & I moved here. The Newport group meets every other week, Thurs. eve., 4:30 - 7:00. We have four members currently, more are welcome. People can contact me at 401 646 1606, or at jtatro[at]" – Jeanne Tatro


Washington, DC

Rita Dwyer: "I know of no training being done in the US since Monte's passing, though others might. In my own long-running dream group, the Metro DC Dream Community, operating since 1983, we usually use a modified Ullman approach, partly because of the time element and the open nature of the group. We sometimes try new techniques or approaches, though always with Monte's if-it-were-my-dream ownership of our own projections on the feelings or messages of the dream. Confidentiality and respect for both the dream and dreamer are vital principles he always stressed, as do we." Rita Dwyer can be reached at DreamRita[at]



Diane E. Rickards, Ph.D.: "Although I'm not leading a dream group at the moment, I usually use a modified version of the Montague Ullman Dream process, and "if this were my dream...." approach." – Diane Rickards, Suite 211, 1676 Martin Drive, Surrey, B.C. Canada V4A 6E7. E-mail: derickards[at]


I'd like to list your Ullman dream group or Ullman Dream Group Leadership Training if you e-mail me the information